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Godley & CremeTatiana Andreas


already published as book, will be turned to a recording, the book is one long composition called Godley & Creme






… upcoming











We got the permit for using that cover under one condition. We had to include Tatiana Nikolaevna Romanowa to the title and we had to consider Tatiana Nikolaevna Romanowa as an own chapter of this book. So the book starts with the chapter of Tatiana Nikolaevna Romanowa. The book then follows with the parts or constellations Selbstverlegerkultur / Digitalität / All notebooks / Viêtnaut / Original English Books / Kung Fu / Infrasound / The trilogies / Biography, a try / Stefan Beck / Two Composers / Paintings and constellation, a chapter that claims the early painitings as an aesthetics to the aesthetics of the books / Constellation / Horizonal / Innovation / Future / The Earth and the Sun and the Universe / Reverence for life / The poems.
Lewis Carpenter
Nono Presley
Ruben Schwitz
Doris Nkolo
September 2018